About Us

With years of experience in helping others plan their vacations as well as planning our own, we noticed that the fun of planning a great vacation seems to have become more work than fun. With so many options we seem to get overwhelmed and frustrated during the planning process, which is not a great way to start. Why have the memories of how hard it was to book your vacation outweigh the memories of the great times you will have on your vacation.

At Land and Cruises, our clients are always first and foremost. Your happiness is our main concern. Let us help you put the fun back into planning vacations. We will do the work, comparing our pricing and promotions to that of other companies and letting you know which way will be best for you.  We do the comparisons and work then give you the best choices to choose from. We understand that at times, there might be something better out there, as we strive to match every competitor there are times it is not possible. For us that is ok, as long as our clients are happy so we will be also. We believe in friendship and friends always want the best for friends.

Using our passion for travel and our experiences we are able to provide all of our friends with top notch information. As we stay abreast of the current news in travel we are able to recommend or not recommend certain travel areas. 

So let’s get back to fun...call or email us now!

For more about us you can visit VoyageATL at http://voyageatl.com/interview/meet-joseph-caudle-regina-caudle-land-cruises-snellville/ for an interview conducted on us and Land and Cruises!

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